A lesbian dating blog:

Because it's a fucking mindfield out here.


I love everything about dating. Hearing about them, going on them, reading about them. The adrenaline rush is addictive and I indulge it far too often. A smile creeps across my face when I arrive and my stomach flutters everytime that dating app bing goes off on my phone.

I decided to share my personal dating experiences here  because I couldn’t find a relatable dating blog. I wanted to laugh, cringe, get date ideas, and find out where all the gay women where hiding in my city. Instead I found blogs on either dating in London, or lesbian dating in Ohio. I can’t be the only one battling this mindfield in heels, stockings and a mens watch…

I don’t want this to be a one way blog – I would love to hear your dating stories! Send me your best and worst through the contact form and make my day.


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